Vintage Denhill de Luxe 3-Draw Brass Telescope Specially Made by B C & Co Ltd, London. Leather Cased. Magnification Approx. 30x

  • Model: Denhill 3-draw telescope
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5Kgs
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This is a vintage Denhill de Luxe 3-draw brass telescope specially made by B C & Co. Ltd., London.  Some details are shown in the photos below. 

Main Features:

  • Minimum length when closed: 26cm (10.2 in.)
  • Maximum length when fully extended: 76cm (30 in.)
  • Sunshade extension: 4.2cm (1.7 in.)
  • Maximum body diameter: 5.0cm (2 in.)
  • Objective lens diameter: 4.1cm (1.6 in.)
  • Eyepiece diameter: 1.5cm (0.6 in.)
  • Made by B C & Co. Ltd., London
  • Brass telescope tubes
  • Weight: 900g (1.9 lb.)
  • Leather cover with caps on both ends
  • Magnification: around 30x (see note below)

Note: The telescope body is in very good condition without any dents on the brass tubes. No chips or damage to the lenses, and no dust or mould on the internal lenses. All lenses have been cleaned where possible.

For customer information, like most vintage telescopes of this type, the magnification value is not marked on the telescope body. We have tried to compare this telescope with a spotting scope which has a zoom magnification. It looks that the images as viewed through both telescopes become similar as the magnification level of the spotting scope is adjusted to around 30x. This information is for your reference purpose only. 


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