Image Erecting/Converting Eyepiece for Reflecting Telescope with 1.25" Focuser. Suitable for 300x76 (or 300/76) Dobsonian Scope

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This eyepiece tube can be used on telescopes with standard 1.25" focuser to convert upside down image to right side up. It also magnify the image by 1.5 times.


Main Features:

  • Convert upside down image to right side up.
  • Standard 1.25" fitting diameter for telescopes and eyepieces
  • Magnification: 1.5x
  • Overall length: 120mm
  • Material: plastic
  • Fit 300x76 (or 300/76) Dobsonian astronomical telescope.
  • May also work for other types of REFLECTING telescopes, but NOT for REFRACTING telescopes.


Note: This image erecting eyepiece is suitable for NIPON 300x76 astronomy telescope, as well as for other reflecting scopes with standard 1.25" focuser. For refracting telescopes, please choose one of the diagonal lenses.

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