Vintage German Hertel & Reuss "Studio C' Microscope with Wooden Case

  • Model: German Hertel & Reuss Microscope
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This is a German Hertel & Reuss microscope complete with three objective lenses and two pairs (four) eyepiece lenses. The microscope has rack and pinion main focus, with additional fine focus and a triple revolving nosepiece. It has a square stage with a fine position adjustment screw and two slide clips. Below the stage is a mirror to focus the light, a condensing lens and a filter with interchangeable pinhole lenses that restrict the amount of light.

The microscope also comes with an electric light to provide under stage lighting.

Some main features:

  • Model: Hertel & Reuss Optik Kassel Studio C. Made in W. Germany

  • Three rotatable objective lenses: three objective lenses, marked 10:1 N.A.0.30; 45:1 N.A. 0.65 and 100:1 Oel N.A. 1.30; Hertel & Reuss Kassel.

  • Eyepieces: two pairs of eyepiece lenses, two marked 8x and two marked 12x

  • Focus systems: Rack focus wheel and fine focus knobs on both sides.

  • Square stage with fine positioning adjustment knob.

  • Slide clips above the stage with position adjustment knob

  • Condensing lens (height adjustable), filter ring and light mirror (double sided, 3 mirror height positions)

  • Solid steel construction

  • Adjustable eyepiece distance and rotable eyepiece base: the microscope's eyepiece base can be rotated around its vertical axis.

  • An electric light with colour filter (with European socket, see photo below, tested and in good working condition)

  • Microscope size:

    • Height: approximately 330mm (13") tall when set up

    • Width: 160mm

    • Depth: 220mm

  • Microscope weight: approx. 3.6kg (7.9 lb.)

  • The microscope comes in a fitted wooden case with brass carrying handle and key.

    • Overall size of the case: 195mm(W) x 250mm(D) x 380mm(H) (7.6"x9.8"x15")

    • There are sections surrounding the microscope that slide out to hold the eyepieces and objective lenses, as well as a sliding box on the top for sorting slides or other accessories. There are some blank glass microscope slides etc. inside the top sliding box.

Note: the images of the two eyepieces can be collimated by adjusting the position/angle of the centre prism within the eyepiece base, as well as the individual eyepiece tube positions as necessary. Some adjustments have been attempted for this purpose, but new users may wish to adjust this to fit their own vision. Rotate the eyepiece section around its vertical axis can also change the images of the two eyepieces.

For customer information, a single Hertel & Reuss microscope eyepiece (used) can be sold on eBay for around £25-£30 plus postage.

Please see the pictures below for further details:

The eyepiece section can be rotated around its vertical axis:


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