Antique E. Leitz Wetzlar Brass German Microscope. Serial No. 117707

  • Model: E. Leitz Wetzlar Microscope
  • Shipping Weight: 6Kgs
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This is a high quality German microscope complete with three objective lenses and three eyepiece lenses. The microscope parts are made of brass and it sites on a black metal base. It has an adjustable and extendable eyepiece tube, rack and pinion main focus, with additional fine focus and a triple revolving nosepiece. It has a rotatable round stage with a fine position adjustment screw and two slide clips. Below the stage is a mirror to focus the light, a condensing lens and a filter with interchangeable pinhole lenses that restrict the amount of light.

The microscope is in good working order and it is highly collectable.

Some main features:

  • Model: E. Leitz Wetzlar (Serial No. 117707)

  • Three rotatable objectives: three lenses are marked 2, 3 and 6 E. Leitz Wetzlar, and the fourth lens is marked 1/12 Del Immersion. All the objective lenses come with matching brass cases.

  • Eyepieces: three eyepiece lenses marked 1, 3 and 4 with signed E. Leitz Wetzlar.

  • Focus systems: Rack focus wheels, and separate fine focus knob.

  • Rotatable round stage with fine positioning adjustment function.

  • Slide clips above the stage

  • Condensing lens, filter ring and light mirror (double sided)

  • Solid brass and metal construction

  • Adjustable viewing angle: the microscope's eyepiece tube angle can be adjusted anywhere between vertical and horizontal.

  • Microscope size: the microscope measures approximately 300mm-320mm (12"-13") tall when set up.

  • Microscope weight: approx. 3.6kg (7.9 lb.)

  • The microscope comes in a fitted wooden case with brass carrying handle and key.

    • Overall size of the case: 165mm(W) x 190mm(D) x 330mm(H) (6.5"x7.5"x13")

    • There are sections surrounding the microscope that slide out to hold the eyepieces and objective lenses, as well as a sliding box for sorting slides or other accessories. There are three light filters inside the sliding box.


Please see the pictures below for further details:
The microscope can be tilted at any angle:



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