T-Ring Extension Tube for Digital Cameras. Fit 1.25" Telescope Eyepiece Holders. M42x0.75mm Threads

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This T-ring extension tube (also known as T adapter) is specially designed to connect all the DSLR camera T rings (with M42x0.75mm threads) to telescopes. You connect one end of this adapter tube to the T-ring and put the other end into the telescope's 1.25" eyepiece holder/focuser. You can then take pictures through the telescope.



  • Connect all the DSLR camera T-rings (with M42x0.75mm threads) to telescopes for digi-scoping.
  • Built with metal material.
  • M42x0.75mm threads on one side and standard 1.25" (31.75mm) fitting diameter on the other.
  • This adapter works with all the T-rings which are available from this store.

You can insert a telescope eyepiece into this T-adaptor tube, before attaching the camera (as illustrated below). The image you see on the camera's viewfinder would become right side up when the telescope eyepiece is included in the setting. For image focus, the position of the eyepiece inside the T-adaptor tube can be adjusted and then fixed using the screw which is provided with this T-adaptor.

Picture below: A telescope eyepiece can be inserted into the camera T-adaptor tube for a right-side-up image and for various magnifications:
How to connect camera to NIPON scopes

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