DSLR Camera Adapter Set for Connecting DSLR Cameras to Nipon 25-125x92 & 25-75x70 Spotting Scopes

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  • Model: T-adapter set for 25-125x92
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This T-adapter set can be used to connect DSLR cameras to telescopes and spotting scopes that have standard T2 thread (M42x0.75mm). This adapter set contains a windowed metal T-adapter barrel and a DSLR camera T-ring. It is suitable for the Nipon 25-125x92 and 25-75x70 spotting scopes.

The T-adapter has 40mm internal diameter and standard M42x0.75mm threads on both ends (i.e., male thread on one end for T-ring connection and female thread on the other for scope connection).

The adapter allows the telescope's eyepiece to be remained in its place while the camera is connected. This ensures a right side up image to be displayed on your camera's viewfinder. For some scope models (eg. Nipon MC800x80 and 350x80), the eyepiece can also be removed from the scope's eyepiece holder before the camera is connected to achieve different photographic results.

Please remember to select a camera T-ring (T2 mount) according to your camera's mount type from the dropdown options.

Note: For Sony NEX cameras with an E-mount, an A-mount to E-mount adapter will be needed in order to use this adapter set.

Individual camera T-rings can be found at the T-rings (T2 mounts) category section.

Main Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Connect DSLR cameras to telescopes and spotting scopes with M42x0.75 threaded barrel.

  • Can fit following scope models in this store: Nipon 25-125x92, MC800x80 and 350x80.

  • Built with metal material and black anodized.

  • Standard fitting for DSLR camera T-rings.

  • The T-adapter size: 40mm internal diameter, 55mm long.

  • The adapter tube has window openings so that you can adjust the eyepiece zoom while the camera is attached to the scope.


Note: this adapter set may also fit other types of spotting scopes/telescopes which have compatible eyepiece size and threads.

NB: When attaching a DSLR camera to the scope and mounting the scope on a large tripod, care shall be taken to counter-balance the scope and the camera (eg. not completely let go with the camera but hold it by at least one hand). Please consider using a stronger tripod (eg. large heavy duty tripod) and putting a load on the central weight hook of the tripod to make the support sturdier.

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