Nikon DSLR Camera Adapter with 1.25" Fit and Detachable Lens for Various Telescopes

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This device is specially designed to enable Nikon DSLR cameras to work on a wide range of telescopes with 1.25" eyepiece barrel and with various main scope focal lengths. There is a detachable lens in this adapter and the lens can be kept or detached from the adapter tube, depending on the type of telescope that you wish to use with your camera. You fit one end of this adapter to the camera's main body, and put the other end into telescope's eyepiece barrel. You can then take pictures through these scopes. In effect, this device enables you to use the telescope lens as your camera lens for digi-scoping. It combines the function of a T-ring and a T-adapter 2 in 1.

Sometimes when a DSLR camera is connected to a telescope with the camera lens being removed, the image cannot be focused on the camera's viewfinder. This is often because the image focus point is shifted beyond the focus adjustment range of the telescope. This adapter comes with a special compact lens which is attached to the end of the 1.25" tube section. This lens enables the cameras to get a focused image through a wide range of telescopes.



  • Connect Nikon cameras to telescopes with standard 1.25" (31.75mm) diameter eyepiece barrel and with a wide range of telescope focal length.

  • Can fit almost all Nikon DSLR cameras.

  • Built to fit standard 1.25" (31.75mm) eyepiece barrel, with a detachable compact lens that ensures the camera can work on different types of telescopes.

  • Built with metal material and black anodized.

  • This adapter set consists of three parts: a Nikon DSLR camera T-ring, a 1.25" T-adapter tube, and a special compact lens that can be attached to the end of the T-adapter tube.



This device combines the function of a camera T-ring and a T adaptor 2 in 1. It is designed for the camera to work on different types of telescopes, especially if the focal length of the telescope is relatively too short or too long, or the focus adjustment range of the telescope is relatively small.

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