Binocular Tripod Adapter - Mount Binoculars on Tripod. 1/4" thread connection

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  • Model: Binocular tripod adapter
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This adapter can be used to mount a pair of binoculars to any standard tripod. The adapter has a standard 1/4"x20 mounting screw which can be connected to the centre hinge of the binoculars. Most large binoculars have a tripod adapter bush between the two objective lenses at the front, and the bush is often covered by a plastic screw cap. There is a hole with internal thread at the bottom of this adapter, which can be fitted to the screw at the mounting base of the tripod.

  • Fits to standard tripods and to binoculars with tripod mounting bush.

  • Dimensions: 100mm (H) x 40mm (W) x 40mm (D). (3.9"x1.6"x1.6")

  • The minimum stem width at the adapter-binocular connection point: 20 mm

  • Weight: approx 40g (1.4 oz).

  • Material: plastic

Note: there can be some glue marks on the adapter base. Please do not mount a pair of giant and heavy binoculars with imbalanced weight on this plastic adapter in case it is overloaded. For large and heavy binoculars, please consider using a metal adapter.

The photos below show how to use this adapter:


Most large binoculars have got a tripod mounting point (often covered by a cap) between objective lenses:

The binocular tripod adaptor can be attached to this point, then mounted on tripod:


Note: some vintage binoculars may have a slightly bigger 3/8" bush thread. In this case a 1/4" to 3/8" thread converter (screw adapter) can be added to this adapter. The thread converter is available here.

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