2" T Adapter for DSLR Camera T-Rings (T2 Mounts). 2" (50.8mm) External Diameter for Telescopes

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This adapter barrel (also known as T-adapter) can be used to connect DSLR cameras to telescopes through a standard camera T-ring (T2 mount). The adapter has a 2" (50.8mm) external diameter tube to fit telescope's 2" eyepiece holder (focuser).

You connect one end of this adapter (with M42x0.75mm thread) to a camera T-ring which will connect the camera body in place of the camera lens, and insert the other end into telescope's 2" eyepiece barrel. You can then take pictures through the scope.

There are also M42x0.75mm internal threads on the other end of this adapter for connection to parts with the compatible threads (see note below).



  • Connect DSLR camera to telescopes or microscopes through a corresponding camera T-ring (T2 mount).

    Note: camera T-ring is not included with this adapter, but a list of them is available from T-rings (T2 mounts) . You can also purchase this 2" T-adapter together with a chosen DSLR T-ring as one set from here.

  • M42x0.75mm external threads for connection to camera T-rings.

  • 2" (50.8mm) external diameter for scopes with corresponding eyepiece barrels.

  • At the end of 2" barrel section, there are M42x0.75mm internal threads for connection of other parts with compatible threads.

  • Size: overall height: 29mm (25mm height for the 2" tube section).

  • Built with metal material and black anodized.


Depending on the combination of camera and the telescope system, sometimes you may need to extend the 2" tube section in order to bring the image into the focus of your camera. This can be achieved in several ways. For example:

You can connect two or more 2" T-adapters together:


You can also add an extension tube between the camera T-ring and the 2" T-adapter.

There is a "T2 extension tube with M42x0.75mm thread on both ends and 40mm in length" that can achieve this purpose, as illustrated below:

Please note that these photos are for illustration purpose. This listing is for ONE 2" T-adapter barrel only. You can add any required items to the shopping cart if needed.


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