123mm Lens cap / cover for telescopes and spotting scopes: 123x15mm. Rubber. Fit 123-125mm lens

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This lens cap is for optical instrument (eg. telescopes and spotting scopes).

Internal Diameter: 123mm (Note: the size is measured as internal diameter of the cap, which is equivalent to the external diameter of the telescope lens including the lens housing).

Depth: 15mm

Material: Rubber.


This listing is for ONE lens cap as described above (not for a pair).

This cap is made of rubber material which is flexible and there are ribs / ridges around the inner rim of the cap. These features enable the cap to fit lenses with external hood diameter from around 123mm to 125mm. For example, it can fit some spotting scopes with 100mm objective lens (eg. 30-90x100 scopes). If the cap is a little too big for the hood, you can consider lining the inner rim of the cap with some tape or foam to make it stay on better.

Note: The size of the lens cap is measured as Internal Diameter of the cap, which is equivalent to the external diameter of the lens including lens housing (as shown in the picture above). Please allow a small difference in measurement (eg. 0.5-1mm). A rubber cap can normally fit a slightly bigger lens than the specified size (eg. +1mm to 2mm depending on actual size).

If a cap is slightly bigger than the external diameter of the lens housing and there is no matched cap size available for the lens, you may consider putting an adhesive cloth tape around the internal edge/rim of the cap. This can often secure the cap on the lens.

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